RMA Fluxes
RMA Fluxes


TYPE NON ACTIVATED: This flux is a mixture of high quality WW resin and alcohol, having solid content between 30-40%. The excellent mobility of the flux is caused by the low surface tension of the solvent system. It is used where flux residue removal is not necessary or where the circuit is affected by low level current leakage. It is mainly used for wire and component lead tinning. Residue is non-corrosive and meets all the requirements of MIL-standard.

TYPE RMA (Mildly activated resin): Solder House supplies special mildly active fluxes for electronic industries where more active fluxes are required for foam fluxing as well as for dipping, brushing and spraying methods. The surface tension has been so adjusted that a low air pressure will produce a uniform head of foam bubbles. This flux is available in different solid compositions.

TYPE RA (activated resin) BOND-8 TYPE : Formulated for high speed automatic soldering application. This BOND-8 type flux can also be applied by dipping and spraying. The flux residue is too dry, non sticky and non-corrosive. It meets the entire requirements as per MIL-F-14256. The resin used is proprietary grade and dissolves in special solvent. The residue can easily be removed by solvents